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Slalom Challenge Vilnius

23 October
07:00 to 18:00

The search for Rally Talents in Lithuania

Nordis Racing Team in cooperation with the Lithuanian Motorsport Federation, joins the global FIA initiative to discover young rally talents. Find out more how to become FIA Rally Star in Lithuania. Read more


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14 Ozo g.
Verkių seniūnija
08200 Vilnius



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Publication of Drivers qualified for Stage 2


Briefing of Drivers qualified for Stage 2


Stage 2 begins


Publication of results


One boy and one girl will win the Slalom Challenge and travel from Lithuania to the European Final in Germany. Maybe they will succeed and be among the top seven in the world.

These seven best in the first rally season of 2022 will be trained under a special program, including participation in at least six rallies. After that, the top four will be invited to start in the FIA ​​Junior WRC by taking part in the 2023 Championship for that overall victory. In 2024, the top three will continue to compete in the FIA ​​Junior WRC for the entire rally season, and eventually one of them will receive the main prize, starting in the 2025 WRC3 with a Rally2 class car.

People between the ages of 17 and 26 can take part in the initial selection of this unprecedented project, which will last for several years. Both girls and guys. Experience in motorsports is not necessary.

The Lithuanian Motorsport Federation and the team of the project “I am a rallyman” invites boys and girls of this age group to participate in the selection of the FIA Rally Star selection in Lithuania. All you need to do to win the first selection is to be the fastest car on the slalom track. 

More information and registration form for this competition can also be found on the website ralistas.lt


  • On January 1st 2021, candidates must be at least 18 and at most 26 years old
  • A driver's license is not required to participate in the Slalom Challenge.
  • Any candidate who does not respect the safety rules may be excluded from the Slalom Challenge
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